A Safer Elliptical Trainer Weight Bearing Exercise

by Margaret Martin on January 15, 2011

in Weight Bearing Exercises

The Elliptical Trainer machine is a fair weight bearing exercise for osteoporosis. However, there are several guidelines that you should follow to make sure that your postural alignment is correct. These simple rules will make this exercise for osteoporosis a key part of your exercise program. I demonstrate the guidelines in this video

I encourage you to incorporate the elliptical trainer machine into your weight bearing exercise program. However, pay attention to your alignment as you use the elliptical and you will enjoy many years of safe bone building. To learn more about a comprehensive exercise program for osteoporosis, I encourage you to consider my MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones program.

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  • http://www.melioguide.com Martin

    Nate – Great to hear that you use it each day. Just make sure you are maintaining good posture as you use it.

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