A Guide to Good Posture

by Margaret Martin on June 19, 2013

in Osteoporosis Exercises

Modern life has been good to many of us. Smartphones and computers give us immediate access to information, resources, and friends. However, these same products often cause us to go into forward positions that can lead to poor posture.  Many activities of daily living, when not done with good form, also cause bad alignment.

Poor Posture: Back Pain and Vertebral Fractures

Poor posture can lead to low back pain. For people with osteoporosis, osteopenia, and low bone density, flexion of the spine increases the risk of vertebral fracture.

How to Improve Your Posture

This is why postural exercises are a foundational component in the MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones program. Postural improvement is one of the goals in my new book, Strengthen Your Core. Postural alignment is key for people with osteoporosis who practice yoga. I discuss postural alignment in detail in my book, Yoga for Better Bones.

In earlier blogs, I have covered the Reverse Fly and Modified Reverse Fly to help you improve your posture. And my activities of daily living articles on raking leaves, shovelling, lifting heavy objects, mowing your lawn, and weeding your garden all cover good posture, good alignment and good form.

Guide to Good Posture

By now you should know that I believe good posture is the foundation of all movement. That is why I have written so much about how to improve posture.

Recently I came across a great infographic on good posture and want to share it with you. In a quick and easy to read format it shows why poor posture is bad for you, the causes of poor posture, a quick self-test on your posture, and tips on how to improve your posture when sitting, standing, walking, running, and sleeping.

If you still need help with improving your posture, I encourage you to contact a Physical Therapist. Like me, many of them are proponents of good posture and are passionate about the topic.

Good Posture
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